1. How can I apply?

There are different options available to you for finding a job and applying through our career website. The first option is to go to View All Jobs. The alternative option is via the Entry Level which can also be found at the top of each page.

Once you find a position you’d like to apply for, click on the job title and select Apply Now. You will be prompted to create a job profile (if you have not done so already). Once completed, you are given the option to apply for any positions that align with your experience – then, upload your documents (Resume/CV required) and submit application.  

2. What documents are needed in order to apply?

We only need your resume/ CV for the first step, but you are more than welcome to upload additional documents such as a cover letter. In case we would need further information, we will reach out to you accordingly. Please ensure that your contact details such as email address and/or telephone number are updated, hence we are able to get in touch with you.

Tips for the resume: Try to highlight the most important experience, knowledge or skills that fit to the requirements of the position.

3. I can‘t find a suitable position, what should I do?

There are two ways on how to stay tuned for future positions

  • Access your profile (if you haven’t created one, it’s time to do so), click on options on the top and create your individual job alert. You will be notified once a suitable position has  been published.
  • Look out for speculative application options. Some countries publish this offer and a recruiter will reach out to you once a suitable position is available

4. How does the selection process look like?

There is a specific section explaining you the key steps of the process. Easily follow this link to learn more: Click here.

5. Can I apply for a position in a different country?

Yes, this is possible. We recommend reviewing the required knowledge, such as language skills. In addition, a cover letter explaining why you would like to work in this country might be beneficial.

6. Can I apply for a multiple positions at the very same time?

Yes, this is possible. You can easily do that, once you created a profile. Even though we do understand your passion for Vitesco Technologies we recommend applying to similar positions and not to all which are posted.   


1. When does the Graduate Program start?

The next run officially starts in September 2023. However, graduates may be able to start working for Vitesco Technologies 1-2 months earlier. 

2. Where are the positions located?

Positions for the program will be located in Germany, Romania and Czech Republic. The location for each role will be listed on the job description. For some positions, several locations will be included and you will be able to choose your preferred location.

3. What does the recruiting process look like?

After our team reviews your resume, you will be invited to a phone discussion. The recruiting process will be finalized by an Assessment Center. 

4. How long is the graduate program?

The graduate program is 18 months.

5. What are the single steps of the program?

You will find an overview of the structure on the following page: Graduate Program.

6. When and how can I apply?

The application process will begin in January 2023. The best way to apply is via the advertised jobs on the career website: all open positions.

7. What are the requirements?

The requirements are listed on the following page and included in the individual job descriptions.

8. What positions are available?

All open positions are listed on the following page: all open positions.

9. What happens after the program?

Based on your interests, you will have the opportunity to start a position within the area you applied for.