Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Job ID:  782

Changchun, CN Tianjin, CN Wuhu, CN

Job Description

> Collaborating with data engineers and data scientists to establish a full data science workflow respecting production constraints (real time, big data environment, ML decision validation and interpretability, etc.)

> Collaborating with international AI teams and experts using agile methods

> Sharing ideas and participate on AI project decision making process

> Documenting your work (structuring your projects, commenting your code, etc.) and write technical and business reports

> Presenting results in a simple and clear manner for non-AI experts (using visualization tools: R.Shiny, MicroStrategy, D3.js, etc.)

> Interacting through or using tools such as Git, Jupyter Notebook, JIRA...


> Fluency in programming languages such as Python (using packages such as numpy/scikitlearn/TensorFlow/PyTorch), R, Knime, Java, C++

> Demonstrated Experience with BigData ecosystems and tools (cloudera, hortonworks, hadoop, spark, etc)

> Ability to create, develop and evaluate learning models using big historical data from various sources (numerical, logs, pictures, textual, etc)

> Demonstrated experience in designing and implementing best practices and setups for ML solution in production using the appropriate technologies (AWS cloud or edge computing) and capacity to dialog with IT teams on such topics

> Ability to work under pressure in team guided to get results

> Excellent English language skills


Working Time: Full time 


Your Contact Partner: Fang Guo 

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