NPL Engineer

NPL Engineer

Job ID:  3341

Changchun, CN, 130033


▪  Participate in the quotation team (If assigned during this phase).
▪  Develop operations quotes for industrialization based upon product requirement, lean principles, robust processes

Project Initiation and Planning:

Performes the following "Project Management" tasks within the scope of the Operations Discipline
▪  Define operations project targets (financial, scheduling and scope) = quality triangle                 
▪  Selecting operations team members in conjunction with the line management                 
▪  Establish adequate project organization (meeting structure, information/ knowledge exchange, documentation, archiving).                 
▪  Help build up a supportive culture of cooperation and teamwork within the project                 
▪  Tailor optional activities according to the projects needs and ensure compliance to the processes.               
▪  Develop and maintain the Operations Plan in accordance with the valid processes (phases, deliverables, gates, etc.)  thoughout life of project. Achieving the agreed operations objectives.                 
▪    Perform Risk Management activities, control and steer the implementation of risk items with line and project management

Product Development and Delivery:

▪  Responsible for completion of activities within operations  to meet the specific, cost, timing, and quality  requirements as directed from the Project Manager
▪  Responsible to immediately communicate any delay, problem, or risk regarding operations  activities to Project Manager                      
▪  Responsible for documentation of operations activities
▪  Responsible for ensuring operations Launch Team is staffed
▪  Evaluate performance of team members in accordance with line management. Actively manage and optimize the use of  resources on project. Assigning activities to the operations project  team members (delegation and direction).

Project controls and reporting:

▪ Regularly report the Operations project status in accordance with the valid tool and process set
- Provide updates of Project status and potential needs to Operations Line Manager of his/her department                 
- Provide updates of Project status and potential needs to Project Manager                 
▪ Escalate issues to Project Manager, and Operations management, affected Quality, Suppliers and  Customer, if necessary (with Project Manager)

Improvement / Maintenance:

▪  Provide Lessons Learned and share Experience Data                 
▪   Provide process improvements for his/her area of responsibility                 
▪   Manage lifecycle maintenance for parts and modules (including Warranty and cost reduction), unless this is handed over to another resource.

Representation of operations/ plant in project, customer and supplier meetings:

▪   Representation of operations/ plant in project, customer and supplier meetings.
▪   Representation of project-interests in operations meetings.
▪   Support Project Change and Problem Control Activity, including problem resolution activities,  based on feasibility considering timing, cost, quality, risk.
▪   Support APQP Activities 
▪   Communication of specific issues with and at the customer

Steer Execution of project:

Timing Control: 
▪  Coordinate and control project activities, track the project progress, define corrective measures, if deviating form the 
   Project Plan.
Cost Control:
▪  Insure Capital spends are aligned with approved authorizations and/or budgets
▪  Insure other costs labor, ramp-up costs are per approved Project Plan, eCR, and Budget
▪  Eliminate/ Minimize Excess and Obsolete Material associated with the product change / launch
Quality Control:
▪  Coordinate the Development of line concepts in conjunction with plant wide & central  support organizations.
▪  Driving product DFM reviews and improvements
▪ Ensure compliance to Lean concepts, robust processes
▪  Project Management of line industrialization that meets cycle time, product and process requirements
▪  Driving NPL builds to completion and resolving open issues


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