Sensing & Actuation / Local Project Manager / Electric Engineer (Hiroshima)

Sensing & Actuation / Local Project Manager / Electric Engineer (Hiroshima)

Job ID:  27227

Yokohama, JP






  • 各種自動車用センサーのプロジェクトマネージャー
  • グローバルチームと完成車メーカ及びTier1メーカとの重要なインターフェースとしてプロジェクトをリード
  • 新規プロジェクトの獲得活動支援、プロジェクトのスムーズな量産化、量産後の変更管理等、全てのプロジェクトサイクルを管理
  • トラブル発生時のエスカレーション支援
  • プロジェクトサイクル全体にわたり、国内及びグローバル組織内の他部門(営業、品質、ロジスティクス、生産管理など)と調整・交渉
  • 顧客向けテストキャンペーンの管理(サンプル納入/部品解析の管理・支援 部品解析は開発/生産拠点)
  • 世界に広がる開発チームと調整し、顧客とのテクニカルレビュー/プレゼンテーションを支援または実施
  • 先行開発・量産開発における完成車メーカーのアプリケーション適用開発支援(製品開発はドイツ・フランス等の海外拠点)




  • 英語ビジネスレベル(英語を使用したプロジェクトの経験者。英語を使用して一人で海外チーム、プロジェクトを動かせる方)
  • 電気電子部品(センサー類)のプロジェクト /プログラム・マネージメントの経験3年以上
  • 製品ライフサイクル(プロジェクト獲得活動、量産化、モデルチェンジ)全体における経験・知識がある方
  • 上司の常時監視がなくても自立してプロジェクトをリード出来る方



  • 自動車・自動車部品業界の経験3年以上(外資企業出身大歓迎)




Kindly submit Japanese and English resumes when you apply to the position





  • Project manager for various automotive sensors.
  • Project lead as an important interface between global teams and Japanese OEMs/ Tier1 supplier.
  • Management of all project cycle, including support for project acquisition, safe launch of project to mass production, change management after mass production
  • Support for prompt escalation
  • Coordination and negotiation with other departments (sales, quality, logistics, production control, etc.) within domestic and global organization throughout the entire project cycle
  • Management of customer test campaigns (management/support for sample delivery /parts analysis. Parts analysis itself to be done by R&D/ production location)


  • Coordination with R&D worldwide to support or execute technical reviews / presentations with customers.
  • Support of application development for Japanese OEMs in advanced development or mass production development (product development itself by overseas bases such as Germany and France)




  • English - Business level (experienced in projects using English. Those who can drive overseas teams and projects by themselves using English)
  • Over 3 years of experience in projects or program management of electrical and electronic products (sensors)
  • Experience and knowledge in the whole phase of Product Life Cycle (Project acquisition, Development, Start of production, Model change)
  • Independently lead projects without whole-time supervision



  • Over 3 years of experience in automotive supplier(s)

– Candidates from foreign based companies are even more welcomed.


Vitesco Technologies is a leading international developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art powertrain technologies for sustainable mobility. With smart system solutions and components for electric, hybrid and internal combustion drivetrains, Vitesco Technologies makes mobility clean, efficient, and affordable. The product range includes electrified drivetrain systems, electronic control units, sensors and actuators, and exhaust -gas aftertreatment solutions. In 2021, Vitesco Technologies recorded sales of €8.3 billion and employs around 37,000 employees at about 50 locations worldwide. Vitesco Technologies is headquartered in Regensburg, Germany.