We are very proud that our company values - Passionate, Partnering, Pioneering - are being shaped by our employees. This shows that we believe that our employees are the key factor for our success.


Our company values define on how we collaborate within the company but also what our stakeholders can expect when working with us.

Passionate: We are dedicated to bring in our experience responsibly.

Partnering: We work collaboratively and respectfully to reach shared success.

Pioneering: Curiosity and courage inspire our daily work.


Our team is made up of passionate, partnering & pioneering individuals workings towards our goal of clean and sustainable mobility. Not only are our products smart and electric, we hope with our generous work and life balance benefits, our team members feel that way too. With a flexible work schedule, we are all able to achieve our goals.


Part-time and flexi-time hours are yet another opportunity for employees to achieve the ultimate work-life balance. Within our job-portal we have a dedicated filter to help you find a suitable part-time job. In addition, our Flexi-Time opportunity allows you to start and end your working day with flexibility. Employees can take advantage of this model as long as it is compatible with operational considerations.


We want you to have the opportunity to work wherever is best for you; from your desk at home or on the train - choose wherever you feel comfortable to get your work done. Our "Mobile Working" benefit at Vitesco Technologies gives our employees the opportunity to achieve the best possible balance between work and their private life. All employees are permitted to work remotely, as long as it is compatible with their responsibilities. 


We know our employees love the work they do for Vitesco Technologies, but we also understand that life events or different opportunities can present themselves outside the organization. A Sabbatical is the perfect opportunity to follow those dreams while still maintaining a job to come back to. Any employee may take a sabbatical while employed by Vitesco Technologies, as long as it is compatible with their role.